YOWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 7.81 2019 for Android

Are you an office worker, college student, or maybe an online businessperson? If so, you must very often use the WhatsApp chat application, right? The popular chat app with its simplicity and fluidity has been popular with many users since its launch in 2009. Various features and conveniences have been instilled along with its development. However, as it should be, WhatsApp still lacks for few things: its inability to support dual-account, other features that do not free the user from customizing the app, etc. Therefore, many people finally decided to make modifications to the chat application, and add a variety of fun and functional features. Well, one of which is YOWhatsapp apk download latest version 7.50 for android.

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Get in Depth with the Features

YoWhatsapp is a WhatsApp mod application that supports multiple accounts, as well as many other features that were not previously available in the official WhatsApp application. Unlike other modified apps, YOWhatsapp does not take up much memory, so it’s still able to maintain its fluidity, just like its official application.

In addition to seamless multi accounts, YoWhatsapp also provides additional configuration to free users in managing their apps to become more personalized. One example is the choice to remove read receipts, both from senders and receivers. Those annoying blue ticks can now be disabled, so you can easily avoid people that always talk when you’re online and reading their messages.

Are you bored with the typical dark green theme of WhatsApp? With YoWhatsapp, you can replace it with another color as you like, whether it’s blue, yellow, or even black. The app plans to expand this feature even further, so it’s possible to replace it with your favorite images.

Ever felt that your chat is not secure? Anyone who likes to interfere with your privacy, by reading your chats? Now you do not have to worry because YoWhatsapp has been equipped by 3-5 digit numeral app lock. With this feature, surely you will avoid the excess curiosity of someone.

Download YOWhatsapp APK

App NameYOWhatsappSize45 MBVersion7.81RootNoDeveloperYousef Al-BashaRequired OSAndroid 4.0 +UpdatedDecember 2018PROMOTED CONTENT  Top 10 Cricket Players Of The Century brainberries.co  लम्बे समय के बाद रिश्ते को तरोताजा रखने की गुप्त बातें herbeauty.co  Famous Nerdy Kids Who Turned Into Hot Adults herbeauty.co  11 Uprising Bollywood Stars Who Have Taken Instagram By Storm brainberries.co 

YOWhatsapp With Emoji





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How to Get YOWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 7.81 for Android

To get YOWhatsapp apk download latest version 7.50 for android, you can visit Techno Nation that provides lots of mod applications besides WhatsApp that might help you. Here are steps to download it:

  1. Download the YOWhatsapp Apk file via the link provided above
  2. Backup all chats in the standard Whatsapp
  3. Uninstall Whatsapp standard
  4. Open download section and tap YOWhatsapp apk 7.81.
  5. Allow the device to install and wait until the process is done.
  6. Verify via phone number.
  7. Restore all chats and data.
  8. Go to setting at the top left for more configuration.

Easy and simple, isn’t it? Now, you no longer need to be confused with all the limited features of WhatsApp official app. YOWhatsapp apk download latest version 7.81 for android has provided those features to you, free to customize at your own liking.

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